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The Tiberio-Gross Family

We are thrilled to feature Community Day Camp Volunteer, Laura Tiberio for our spring appeal. Here is her story:

Dear Friends:

My family had been to Carkeek Park many, many times however, the first summer that my kids attended Camp Fire’s Community Day Camp there the park suddenly and quite unexpectedly took on a whole new meaning for all of us.

Each day that I picked my children up from the park, they couldn’t wait to tell me about the amazing time they had.  They’d scramble to show me their precious craft projects, gush about the delicious ice cream they’d made and were absolutely giddy with excitement to do it all over again the next day. We’d drive home, my kids hot and sticky in the back seat, covered with glitter and sunscreen, moss bits stuck in their hair, crazy camp songs pouring from their lips, and I’d think about how grateful I was that they were having this incredible experience.

The next year when I went to sign my kids up for camp it was full.  Fortunately, I received a call from the site director asking me if I would like to become a day camp volunteer. My kids would be guaranteed a spot in the camp and I would be able to give back to a camp that had given so much happiness to my kids! I didn’t hesitate to volunteer.

I am now in my fourth year volunteering and am a site director leading, organizing and running my own day camp.  My two younger children attend the camp each year while my oldest child is now a junior staff member. I have also recruited several good friends to assist me. Our entire family looks forward to camp all year long as it’s such a magical experience for us. I am inspired by working with other dedicated volunteers not to mention watching the kids light up when they learn how to start a fire for the first time or identify a vine maple or cook a carrot cake in a box oven.

Please consider giving  generously to Camp Fire todayCamp Fire serves more than 8,000 kids, including mine, annually and your gift today helps them achieve their vital mission of inspiring and enabling youth of all backgrounds and abilities to discover their spark, value the natural world and become tomorrow’s leaders, today. You can truly make a difference for kids in your community – simply fill out the enclosed form and return it with your donation in the envelope provided.

Thank you!

Wo-He-Lo (Work, Health, Love)

Laura Tiberio