Welcome to Gold One! – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

We are pleased to welcome another NCCC team to Camp Sealth for the next several months! Below is a portrait of Gold One, made up of eight outstanding individuals from all corners of the country. Hailing from Georgia, California, and everywhere in between, this is a diverse group of people who are sure to bring something new to Camp Sealth.

There are several tasks Gold One will be working on throughout their time here. As always, the trails at Camp Sealth need work — it is a never-ending job to clear and maintain the miles of trail we use throughout the summer. With the recent wind- and rain-storms in the Pacific Northwest, there are a lot of downed trees and scattered brush that needs to be cleared before kids start coming to camp.

And kids will be here soon — which has to do with the other half of Gold One’s work here at Camp. During the spring, we run an Environmental Education program. Groups of schoolchildren from all over Western Washington come to camp to learn about the environment. Gold One, after extensive training, will be part of this program, teaching local kids about how to preserve the forests, wetlands, and marine areas all found at Camp Sealth. Gold One will be teaching everything from astronomy to sustainability, all while spending time on the gorgeous property of Camp Sealth. We’re very excited to spend time with Gold One and get to know them better over these next few months! Check back for more updates on their goings-on.

To read more about Camp Sealth’s Outdoor Education program, go here.
Photos borrowed from Gold One’s introductory brochure. Want a copy or want to know more about Gold One? Send us an email: campstaff@campfire-usa.org.