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Kiwanis Campers Touring Camp Sealth

We’re excited to feature one of our specialty camps – Kiwanis – for campers in grade 6 and up! This program features daily activities on the beautiful shores of Camp Sealth on Vashon Island, WA along Colvos Passage. Kiwanis campers get to spend more time than any other unit on the beach, exploring from kayaks, stand up paddleboards (SUP-ing!), canoes and sailboats, learning new technique along the way and perfect for beginners and more experienced water enthusiasts alike. Former Kiwanis Counselor “Buzz” shared her favorite parts about Kiwanis Camp with us earlier this spring, and shared that ““no matter what amount of experience you may or may not have, you can come to camp and learn in a safe, positive environment surrounded by your peers.”

Learn more about a week in the life of a Kiwanis camper, including a new partnership this summer with the Quartermaster Yacht Club for Sessions 1, 4 and 7!

Day One

When our campers arrive at camp on the first day, they meet their counselors, do some team building games and go through some rotations of camp so that they know where important places are, such as their cabins, health house, dining hall, and for Kiwanis campers, their teepees! They also have a cabin photo and swim checks.

In the Kiwanis unit, the swim checks are slightly different. Because these campers will have more time on the water they will participate in a more thorough swim check that includes the famous tippy canoe test, done by all of our older campers, and a swim of 4 laps of our swim area. This is all that they will have time to do in the water on the first day as there are a lot of other things to do to settle in properly to camp.

Day Two

On the second day, Kiwanis campers will have a whole morning at the waterfront. This time will be spent learning how to canoe. We start with the basics, teaching the names of the parts of the canoe and paddle, the kids will learn how to properly enter and exit a canoe and learn how to paddle forwards in a straight line learning a “J” stroke, they will learn how to turn using a “C” stroke and how to paddle sideways using a “draw” stroke. Once they have shown competency in moving forwards, backwards, sideways and turning the canoe, they will learn how to perform a “T” rescue, this is essential to know in a capsize situation.

Finally the kids will learn proper how to properly maintain the equipment by helping hose off canoes, paddles and lifejackets and put them away, salt water destroys most things so learning proper maintenance is important.

Day Three

On the third day, Kiwanis campers will spend the entire afternoon at the waterfront. They will start on stand up paddleboards, again learning parts of the board and learning how to move forwards, backwards, sideways and turning. They will then go on a short paddle journey in the area.

For the second half of the afternoon they will start getting ready for their canoe overnight trip to the campsite Lisa Buela. Having learned all of the skills the day before, they will set off on this paddle journey to a park on Vashon to spend the night cooking, camping and playing games.

Kiwanis Campers with SailboatDay Four

On the fourth day, Kiwanis campers will wake up early, make breakfast and pack up camp; they will start their canoe journey back to camp sealth and to arrive back at camp mid morning to unpack, rest, shower, and head to lunch.

The afternoon of this day will be spent learning about the basics of sailing. Again, learning about the parts of a sailboat, how to tack and jibe, learn about how to use the wind, the rules of the water, and who has right of way. Then they will put one of our sailboats together and perform a capsize drill in the water.

Day Five

The fifth and final full day of camp will be an afternoon spent with our new partners on island, the Quartermaster Yacht Club. Having learnt parts of the sailboat, the theory of sailing and how to recover a capsized boat the day before, the majority of this afternoon will be spent on the water receiving instruction in how to sail by their trained instructors.

Day Six

Early on the last day Kiwanis campers will pack up, head to breakfast and depart to go home after a week of fun on the beach!

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