Nightie on BoataVolunteers Make the Magic of Camp

Did you know that Camp Fire has a year-round staff of 18? In the summer, we bring on about 100 counselors and assistant camp directors. And then we add 1,000 volunteers. Together, we serve 10,000 kids each year.

It’s nothing short of amazing.

Thank you, counselors-in-training! Thank you, teen LEADs (Lead, Engage, Act, Discover)! Thank you, day camp site directors, activity specialists, equipment managers, and other volunteers. Thank you, camp nurses! Thank you, Day of Service volunteers; we couldn’t get Camp Sealth’s winter-weathered grounds ready for summer without you!

The more volunteers we have, the more kids who can experience the magic of camp!

Volunteer Spotlight

Elsa Buchert, also known by her camp name of Friday, is a long-time camper, staff & volunteer with us. She’s attended several past service days at
Camp Sealth with her dad.

How long have you been attending camp and how many service/volunteer days have you done before?
I started attending camp in 2007 when I was 6. This summer will be my 15th year at camp and my fifth as staff member. I have attended four service weekends and three teen retreats/ service days (MLK Day).

What do you appreciate about being a part of the Camp Fire community?
Camp Fire gives children the opportunity to grow and learn in a safe and welcoming environment. I remember when I was a camper, I would feel this huge relief as soon as I got to camp because I knew no matter what I was supported and welcome. I can appreciate this even more now as a staff member because I can see and appreciate the amount of effort and time that the staff put in to allow all kids to continue to feel that relief.

Why do you choose to volunteer?
I volunteer because it feels great to give back to the community and make a difference. I also love giving service at camp because it is such a relaxing environment that I am able to relax and remember what’s really important in life.

What would you say to encourage either other alumni or people new to Camp Fire to try out service days or volunteering?
Service days help camp run, being able to support an awesome program and really make a difference feels great. After working a service day, you get to feel the satisfaction of helping out an awesome program AND be at camp! It’s a win-win!

Why One Teen Keeps Coming Back

“I keep coming back to Camp Sealth because it gives me a chance to be in an environment where I can disconnect from reality for a little while and meet so many people I normally wouldn’t be able to.  Camp creates such a safe space for me to just be myself and express myself in ways I might not be able to outside of Sealth. I’m also just excited to put down my phone and get to be outside and work with campers again.”

Ash Barashkoff (they/them) has had fantastic experiences in our Counselor in Training (CIT) and High School LEAD (Lead, Engage, Act, Discover) programs. They’re thrilled for the opportunity to have a positive impact on young campers, just as their counselors had on them during their years as a young camper.

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