Tippy-canoe! – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Just a little taste of what campers experience this and every week: the Tippy-canoe drill! As a part of certifying campers to participate in waterfront activities, they have to complete a simple swim test and the Tippy-canoe. Campers ride out about 20 feet in a canoe, capsize it themselves, then flip it right-side up and paddle back to shore. This demonstrates that they know what to do in case of an actual flip while canoeing or funyaking! Of course, our Camp Sealth lifeguards are there the whole time to make sure everyone is safe and secure. Once campers pass the swim check and Tippy-canoe, they are free to participate in waterfront activities. The photo above shows some cheerful session 4 campers tipping their canoe into the chilly Puget Sound!