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Session 7: August 12-17

Theme: Lights, Camera, Camp!

Learn a new talent this week at Camp, and perform at a talent show. Hone in on your theatrics with some improvisational drama games or skit nights. Pose in a photo shoot, be a contestant on a game show, or try your hand at songwriting.

Campers will get to try all of our classic activities throughout the week, such as arts & crafts, waterfront activities, archery, hiking, cook-outs, and a variety of special events such as all-camp games, campfires, and themed meals. The theme of the week will add a fun twist to the week’s activities, kicked off by our traditional first-night-fun campfire. Session 7 will include specialty camps Splish Splash, Center Stage, Cascades in Action, and Kiwanis.

For more info about camp or our specialty programs, check out our Summer Camp posts here, or visit our website.

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