The Classic "Egg Drop" Experiment – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Egg Drop 2013

This summer the Seattle Fire Department teamed up with Camp Fire Day Camp kids on their first ever EGG DROP CHALLENGE! Kids from all ages were put in teams and asked to build an egg contraption that would sustain a 75 foot drop from the tip of an aeriel ladder, in hopes to keep their egg from cracking. The projects ranged from eggs being surrounded by balloons, bubble-wrap, soda bottles, peanut-butter jars, to being nestled in the middle of a nerf football! This experience was fun for all the kids because it brought in critical thinking and lessons in team work. But what was even more fun was watching the Fire Fighters as they “wow-ed” the kids and crowds of parents when they individually dropped all the projects down below,  while the kids cheered, “Drop the egg! Drop the egg!” There were a lot of smashed eggs, but everyone enjoyed the challenge. It was an all-out AWESOME time! To the Seattle Fire Department, thank you for showing Camp Fire kids how to have fun and be team players in this exciting “Egg Drop” challenge!

Here is a shot from Woodland Day Camp.

Egg Drop After 2013

Egg Drop During 2013