The 2019 National Art Experience Results! – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

The National Art Experience is held annually to encourage youth to express themselves creatively and explore the arts as a career.

The theme for this year’s competition was printmaking. Our local council saw some amazing entries, each with a very unique and creative style and variety of techniques. Thank you to all of our incredible participants for sharing your amazing talent and creativity with the Council! Below are our awardees for the 2019 year.

Group Entries

1st Place: Issaquah Highlands Starflight

This group used acrylic paint, rubber bands, bubble wrap, muffin tins, Styrofoam, and Wikki Stix to create a variety of designs on 4”x4” coasters.

2nd Place: Fierce Fireflies

This fierce group titled their artwork “Fish and Chips-To go!” They made their prints by coating fish and frozen French fries in acrylic paint and pressing them on tote bags.

3rd Place: COADFOSA

COADFOSA group members made linoleum prints of their ‘symbolgrams’ using fabric paint on a white cotton t-shirt.

Individual Entries

1st Place: Jesse Ballnik

Jesse created a linoleum print with ink depicting Mt. Rainier. She added interest by printing the image multiple times on the page and switching up the colors.

2nd Place: Jonathan Hayes

Jonathan used Styrofoam and a wooden stick to create a master plate, then rolled ink onto the plate and pressed it onto the paper to create his print. His design was tricky because he had to write the word “fox” backward on his master plate.

Amazing Job to All of Our Talented Artists!

Check out how our amazing artists earned their National Art Emblem!

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