Silver 1 poses with their legacy at Sealth. We can’t thank them enough for their hard work!

Fuji, a Sealth veteran.

Our NCCC Silver 1 team has hammered in the last fence post at Wrangler, and just in time, because the horses are finally here!  Silver 1 left early this morning for their next assignment, but not before they got a chance to take the horses on one of their first rides of the spring.  Among our six new arrivals are Oreo and Howdy, two geldings who appeared in last year’s blockbuster Cowboys and Aliens!  Movie stars or not, all of our horses are enjoying their brand new arena.  Along with our great riding program staff and volunteers, they will spend the next three months helping Camp Fire groups and our other horse workshop participants hone their riding skills, then be joined by about twenty more horses for our summer camp season.
A special “Thank you!” shoutout to the teen volunteers from Camp Fire’s Horizon program who planned and executed our recent Dad/Kid weekend.  This annual event gives a unique opportunity for dads and honorary dads to bond outdoors with their kids.  This year’s weekend was spy themed, so dads and kids wore hand-made disguises, created spy gadgets, and went on a scavenger hunt for clues.  Some quotes from dads:
“The outdoor activities were excellent.”
“My daughter had a fun time and can’t wait till next year!”
“I will definitely come back. Thank you! You rock!”