Teen Summit Workshop Highlight: Discover Your True Self – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

This month, teens from across the region are invited to join us for a Teen Leadership Summit on Saturday, September 24, 2016 at the 2100 Building in Seattle, WA. The Teen Leadership Summit is a day-long conference style event designed to equip teens for the year ahead and introduce them to future opportunities with Camp Fire! We hope to see you there! Past or current participation in Camp Fire is not required, all teens in grades 9-12 are welcome.

Teen Leadership Retreat WorkshopDiscovering Your True Authentic Self: A Leadership Journey

Have you ever wondered what gives you the drive and the passion to pursue your leadership journey? Are we all after the same thing, or do we each have a story that has led up to us going on our leadership journeys?

In this session, participants will go on a mapped journey as they chart out their life experiences have led up to becoming the young leaders they are today. We will let our inner compasses guide us through the adventure that will lead us to discovering our true authentic selves.

We will use education pieces from ‘Discover Your True North’, by Bill George to map out a four year plan that will introduce concepts of developing further leadership whether it be to finish out high school, or we are even equipped to plan further into collegiate development.

Come prepared to get real with yourself. Prepare yourself for an introspective journey that will shed light onto the phenomenal capabilities of teen leaders. Take ownership in your leadership development. Leave changed.

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