Teen Leader Gives Back – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Teen Leader Mia, a member of the Camp Fire Seattle Buddhist Temple Group, has been selling candy since the tender age of 4. This year was a monumental year for her and for our council as she sold 2,000 boxes of candy!

“I just love selling candy; one of the highlights is spending so much time with my dad, who I don’t always see a lot of when he’s working. It’s fun meeting new people especially Camp Fire alums. It’s a really good experience and you learn lots of skills including how to manage money and physical stamina, those are long days!”

Once the candy sale was underway, Mia sold her first 1,000 boxes with time to spare. Midway through the sale, she set her sights even higher, aiming to sell 2,000 boxes and in doing so be able to send not only a single child to camp, but also sponsor a friend, making it a more memorable and comfortable experience for someone new to overnight camp.

“I will be volunteering at Carkeek day camp this summer and not going to Camp Sealth as a camper so I wanted to share the experience of overnight camp with someone who has never been before and give back.”

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