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Campers working together to relay their balloon with no hands!

Trail to Knowing Me Activities at Carkeek Park

Camp Fire was excited to visit some of our Day Camps this summer to lead fun group activities from our Camp Fire Group Program curriculum ! Our curriculum features five trails: Trail to Knowing Me, Trail to Family and Community, Trail to Creativity, Trail to the Environment and Trail to the Future. These trails are sets of projects that our youth can complete in order to earn emblems and beads as they work through each level in Camp Fire.   Each Trail is designed to be entertaining, informative, and challenging to the designated age group and program level.

On Your Mark…

In honor of the Olympic Games, campers at Carkeek Day Camp experienced the spirit of competition – friendly competition that is! As part of our Trail to Knowing Me curriculum, campers were given the opportunity to  work as a team, build self confidence, and get active! Trail to Knowing Me also focuses on building  personal skills, understanding  emotions, and learning to respect differences. To practice these skills, campers worked in teams to complete a set of fun and fast paced relay races! At the end of each relay, teams earned puzzle pieces that they would later use to complete a final puzzle!

Campers helping their blindfolded teammate find puzzle pieces.

Get Set…

For the first relay campers were off to the races with a crab walk relay! Although this is an individual task, we encouraged the campers to work as a team by motivating each other and cheering their teammates on.

Next up was the balloon relay! Campers were asked to pair up within their team. The goal was for each pair to transfer a balloon from one cone to the other. The only catch? They weren’t allowed to use their hands! In order to complete the race, each pair had to practice great communication and teamwork skills as well as think outside the box!

The third and final relay helped build trust within the teams. One team member was blindfolded and asked to collect the remaining puzzle pieces that were scattered across the field. The rest of the team was responsible for helping their blindfolded teammate with the directions. Once all puzzle pieces were brought back, campers worked together to complete their final puzzle with the pieces they had earned!

Campers said that this activity was a fun way for them to work together with their friends and get active!

One team's completed puzzle!


By participating in Trail to Knowing Me activities in Camp Fire Group Programs, campers improve their physical development, gain an appreciation and respect for others, learn the importance of teamwork, and make their own choices. Other activities related this trail include learning how to play a new game, leading a discussion among a group, planning a project, and helping an adult shop for groceries while comparing products and pricing. These are just some of the fun and educational activities campers can participate in to earn their emblems and beads!

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