Teaming Up to Invest in Youth – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound
A new partnership with Invest in Youth enables us to work with youth to teach critical social and emotional learning skills.

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One recent afternoon, a group of kids at Seattle’s Daniel Bagley Elementary huddle up for challenge. Their task at hand: to retell a fairytale from a different point of view.

What if the wolf didn’t mean any harm when he knocks on the three little pigs’ door? Could Cinderella be misunderstanding the harsh treatment she gets from her stepmother and step-sitters?

The Camp Fire-led exercise sparks a thoughtful conversation about seeing and understanding things from different perspectives — a skill that’s especially important in diverse classrooms and communities.

“There are lots of emotions and social issues that kids encounter during the school day that aren’t necessarily addressed in the classroom,” says Chelsea Bogrow, who coordinates our new partnership with Invest in Youth, a tutoring program in a handful of Seattle elementary schools.

The third through fifth graders in Daniel Bagley’s after-school tutoring program meet once a week, one-on-one for one hour with a tutor from Invest in Youth.

One afternoon a month, Camp Fire comes in and leads activities that encourage kids to develop social and emotional skills like teamwork, empathy and community-building.

Later this spring, we’ll weave in lessons about environmental science, like how pollutants get cleaned out of water before it flows out of our faucets.

We are thrilled to be teaming up with Invest in Youth, which shares our commitment to inspiring and enabling youth of all backgrounds and abilities to discover their spark, value the natural world and become tomorrow’s leaders, today.

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