Summer Camp with a Twist

Camp Sealth Specialty Camps Specialty Camps are the perfect summer adventure for those who want to discover new passions or build on existing ones. That’s what makes these camps so special! Campers will get the opportunity to try new things they normally wouldn’t and push their boundaries, which will allow them to grow as individuals […]

Seeds for your spring garden

Planning Your Spring Vegetable Garden

Wondering when it’s safe to begin preparing your garden for this spring? Unsure of what vegetables are best suited for the rainy lush climate of Washington? Not sure if those peas are hardy enough to hold up against an unexpected frost? Stop! Put down the Farmer’s Almanac! In this blog entry I will cover the basics of getting your garden thriving for the Spring of 2015.

Uncle Wigglebottom Gets a New Mail Box

Uncle Wigglebottom did some renovations this past week, and has a new mail box for all of his fan mail. Campers throughout the year enjoy writing letters to our legendary camp spirit. He lives in all things good about nature – the grass, trees, flowers, wind, birds, and more. You could consider his mail box […]