Featured Candy Seller: Loen

Help Loen Reach His Goal! A Camp Fire member of the Benson Hill Knowledge Seekers for six years, Loen has set a goal of selling 1,000 units during this year’s Candy Sale! He and his sister, Montana, have a family goal of selling a combined total of 1,075 units of candy! They are both doing […]

Collection of stuffed animal prizes from the Camp Fire Candy Sale!

Candy Seller Closes in on 10,000 Sales!

Alina started selling candy in kindergarten, earning Kirby Koala (top of picture), and has been an enthusiastic candy seller ever since!  Now in her 11th year of Camp Fire, she has sold 9,862 boxes of candy and is very close to her lifetime goal of selling 10,000 boxes of candy. “Selling has been a great learning experience […]

Ice Cream Social

You are invited to the North Ice Cream Social! It was a Fantastic Candy Fundraiser, and now it is time to celebrate your success with Summer Olympics Fun! Join the North area groups for a fun ice cream social! Individuals, families and groups are welcome to attend – please RSVP to Hanna Mandt, hmandt@hotmail.com, by Monday, […]

Camp Fire Candy Products

Super Sell-A-Thon Winners

The Super-Sell-A-Thon Weekend marks our first weekend of the 2015 candy sale and it was amazing! Camp Fire groups sold 8,000+ units just in the first weekend alone! A special THANK YOU to all the sellers and the Leaders, Candy Captains and Parents who made that happen, and we wish you the best of luck as the […]