Tack Shed Remodeled by YVC Summer of Service Kids – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

For those campers and staff who have been involved with the horse program in the last 20 years, it was pretty evident that the tack shed, which was built in 1992 along with the rest of the Wrangler unit, was just not big enough. Not big enough to store even the saddles, let alone grain, medication, saddle bags, grooming supplies, and everything else that goes with caring for 27 horses.

This summer, the camp maintenance staff and four determined youth in Camp Fire’s Youth Volunteer Corps Summer of Service program, worked every day for two weeks to complete the long-awaited renovation of the Wrangler tack shed. The kids learned basic carpentry skills and earned 100 hours of service through the SOS camp. The end result is a beautiful and functional horse supply room downstairs, plus an upper deck with new seasonal housing for the horse program leadership staff.

A great big thanks to everyone who made this construction program a success:

  • Chad & Steve (camp maintenance staff)
  • Liora, Sam, Sophie and Ciaran (YVC youth)
  • Thistle and Mo (camp counselors)
  • Marjean & Kelly (YVC staff)
  • Youth Volunteer Corps of America, who provided funding through the Corporation for National Community Service grant

Camp Sealth plans to offer this opportunity again in 2011 for high-school aged youth. Kids can attend camp at a reduced rate ($600) for two weeks in exchange for service work during the camp session.