Madisen, Friend Emma, and Group Leader Hanna
Madisen (right), pictured here with her group leader Hanna and fellow member Emma, shares “I cannot imagine my life without Camp Fire in it.”

Your support today directly benefits incredible kids like Madisen who shares her story below:

Dear Friends:

I am writing to you today to ask you to support Camp Fire this holiday season. I promise you that your generosity will truly make an incredible difference in the lives of the more than 8,000 kids served by Camp Fire each year…including mine!

Prior to joining Camp Fire, I had trouble making friends, struggled with insecurity and was incredibly shy, and to top it all off I had just started a brand new school. A former Camp Fire Bluebird herself, my mother suggested that I join a Camp Fire group as it really helped her when she was a child. I took her advice and I can honestly say that it completely changed my life.

I have bonded with the other kids in my group, especially with my friend Emma, and have become much more outgoing and confident. I consider my group leader, Hanna, to be like a second mother to me. She is extremely caring and trustworthy and I know that I can talk to her about anything.

Through Camp Fire, I have also learned the importance of setting goals and working hard to achieve them. I earned emblems for more than 450 hours of service last year alone. I have volunteered at Camp Sealth, planted trees, distributed food at local food banks and have been a top Camp Fire candy seller numerous times!

I also volunteer each summer as a junior counselor at Camp Fire’s Day Camps. I have been able to plan and lead various activities. I have worked with kids from all different backgrounds and abilities – being able to help kids with special needs experience the magic of camp is truly amazing!

Your help is needed today so that Camp Fire can reach more kids like me! Please donate now to Camp Fire! Thank you!

Happy Holidays!