Super Sell-A-Thon Winners – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

The Super-Sell-A-Thon Weekend marks our first weekend of the 2015 candy sale and it was amazing! Camp Fire groups sold 8,000+ units just in the first weekend alone! A special THANK YOU to all the sellers and the Leaders, Candy Captains and Parents who made that happen, and we wish you the best of luck as the sale continues until February 16, 2015. Find out where to find candy sellers, and leaders, let us know where you’ll be selling over the remaining weeks.

The Super-Sell-A-Thon Winners!

$150 Drawing Winner

All groups that turned in money for at least 30 units per registered member were entered into a drawing for a $150 check and the winners are….

  • The Sunny Fire Lions with Laura Spring as the leader.

Most Money Turned In By Group

  • A big round of applause goes out to Amy DeVore’s group FuGaFriPin for turning in the most money $4635!
  • Second Place goes to the Issaquah Community Family Club lead by Casey Engstrom $4360.
  • Third Place goes to the Shining Stars lead by Hanna Mandt $4035.

Highest Average Per Member

The next batch of prizes go out to the highest average sold per registered member.

  • The first place winners with 305 units of candy per seller are Tinker Fairies lead by Tanya Gregory.
  • The FuGaFriPin also had the second highest average with 185.4 units of candy sold per seller.
  • Third highest average goes to the Star Brights lead by Becki Neumann with 137.5 per registered member.
  • This year the Fourth Place Winners will also get a prize with 92.6 units per registered member the Blue Hearts also lead by Becki Neumann.

Thank you!

Again thank you to all who make this candy sale possible! Have a great few weeks, and good luck!