Summer Staff - Recruit Your Friends! – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Staff being covered in waterCamp Sealth is still seeking staff for a few key roles and we’re looking to you, talented Camp Sealth staff, to help us recruit your friends! We know that you all are ready for the fun and challenge of a summer at camp and probably have a friend or two that would be up for the challenge too!

Earn a $50 Bonus for Each Hired Recruit!

We want to reward your hard work for recruiting quality staff members! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Direct any interested candidates to the How to Apply webpage.
  2. Instruct your candidate to list your name under “How did you hear about Camp Sealth?” (This is how we will know to give you a bonus!)
  3. If your candidate is hired for a position this summer, you will receive a $50 bonus to your summer salary.


What positions are still available?

I told my friend to apply. Is that enough?

No. Your friend must apply, list your name, and be hired for you to recieve the bonus.

I emailed someone at camp the name of my friend. Do I get a bonus?

No. We need your help to find quality applicants, share with them why you love camp, and why they should apply. You must follow the steps above to receive a bonus.

My friend applied but wasn’t hired. Do I get a bonus?

No. We are looking for applicants who are both truly ready for camp and can fill some of our critical open positions. Be sure that if you are recommending someone to apply that they fully understand and are ready for the job, and are also able to do one of our remaining positions.

I recruited more than one person who was hired for the summer. Do I get more than one bonus?

Yes! Thank you for helping us complete our awesome team of summer staff!


Contact Carrie Kishline, Summer Camp Director, at