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Camp Sealth Specialty Camps

Specialty Camps are the perfect summer adventure for those who want to discover new passions or build on existing ones. That’s what makes these camps so special! Campers will get the opportunity to try new things they normally wouldn’t and push their boundaries, which will allow them to grow as individuals during their week away at camp. Specialty Camps are also a great way to make new friends, as every group will share passions and have common interests. Come enjoy a week away from technology and go forth into the great outdoors!

archery girlBullseye Camp:

At Bullseye Camp it’s all about archery!  Campers will spend two hours at the archery range, reviewing basic skills and working with a trained instructor to improve their technique! They will also learn more about archery as a sport, the equipment used, as well as different approaches to archery itself. We have tons of fun archery games planned, such as tic tac toe, balloon popping, battleship, nocturnal archery and more! Best of all,  Campers will be able to use this fun week of camp to work towards their three progression patches… Bullseye!

Bullseye Camp is currently open to 5th – 9th grade girls. Unfortunately all of our boy’s cabins are full, but we hope to see you next year!

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Construction Camp:

Construction Camp is an exciting opportunity for teens interested in working with their hands, as well as helping to build upon and improve Camp Sealth! Teens will work half days with our incredible maintenance technicians to build and renovate structures at camp. Over the course of the week, Campers will gain valuable experience, create a close bond with their teammates and marvel at their accomplishments. In the second half of each day, teens will have the chance to participate in classic camp activities. Join us for a week of creating things that will live on at Camp Sealth for decades!

Construction Camp is open to teens in 9th – 12th grade.

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Sailing in Kiwanis Camp at Camp SealthKiwanis Camp:

Get ready to make a splash this summer at Kiwanis Camp, which is one of our special Aquatics Camps! Campers will join in on the long tradition of boating on the Puget Sound, then spend their evenings in front of the fire in the unique Kiwanis Lodge before heading off to bed in our new hammock unit. A highlight of the Kiwanis program is spending a full day, or more, learning how to sail from certified instructors from the Quartermaster Yacht Club. Throughout the week, Campers will also learn techniques in stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and canoeing!

Kiwanis Camp is open to youth in 6th – 12th grade.

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Teens in workshopLeadership Focus:

Leadership Focus is one of our special Leadership Camps for teens! This camp is designed for teens who are excited about leadership, interested in working with kids or becoming a camp counselor in the future. This is a two week session that will combine traditional camp experiences with hands-on leadership experience and skills workshops. This program would be a great intro for those who are interested in our Counselor-In-Training program!

Leadership Focus is open to teens entering 9th or 10th grade.

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Camper going on camping tripOutback Camp:

Spend a week in the great outdoors at Outback Camp! Outback is designed for kids to get comfortable with being in the outdoors, as well as learning basic survival skills. About half of session will be spent in the woods, doing outdoor skills workshops such s fire-building, orienteering and shelter building. The other half will be spend trying out some of traditional camp activities in main camp.  Each day Campers will make their own cookout breakfast and dinner, and camp out under the stars at a different site each night.

Outback Camp is open to 5th -7th grade girls. Unfortunately, all of our boy’s cabins are full, but we hope to see you next year!

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Group hiking mountainRainier Rangers:

Rainier Rangers is one of our special Adventure Camps. It’s is  a perfect camp for our more experienced backpackers, as it will take your summer adventures to the next level! Campers will trek to Indian Bar Camp for some outstanding views of Mount Rainier, the surrounding wildflower meadows and the mighty Ohanapecosh River. This three day adventure will cover 15 miles of beautiful land. When Campers wrap up their trek, they will head back to Camp Sealth where they will still have plenty of time to enjoy some classic camp activities!

Rainier Rangers is open to 9th – 12th graders.

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Campers on adventure tripVolcano Ventures:

Volcano Ventures is also an Adventure Camp that will take you on an adventure outside of camp. Campers will spend three nights camping near Mount Saint Helens with exciting day trips to the Ape Caves and other awesome sites in the area. Lava tubes and a 125 foot suspension bridge are just a few of the amazing highlights of this trip! Days will be spent hiking areas around the campsite and learning about the fascinating natural history of the area and how the Saint Helens eruption changed the land.

Volcano Ventures is open to 7th – 9th graders.

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We hope you can join us this summer at one of our Specialty Camps!

Should you have any questions feel free to contact Summer Camp Director, Carrie Kishline, at (206) 463-3174 ext. 35 or