Featured Staff: Summer – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound
Alexa, aka Summer, is our June Staff Member of the Month
What’s your name?
Do you have a camp name?
Where are you from?
I’m from Redmond, Washington
What’s your job at Camp Sealth?
I’m an Outdoor Education Specialist.  [Editor’s note: Since our interview, Summer has been hired as the 2012 Unit Leader for BBH.  We’re excited we get to keep her for an extra 10 weeks!]
What do you do when you’re not at camp?
I like hiking, camping, rafting, snowboarding – I’m a ski and snowboard instructor in winter – and spending time with my friends and family.
Where are you an instructor?
I taught at Snoqualmie Pass the last 4 years.
Did you go to camp as a kid?
I did not!  I was in Girl Scouts as a kid and we went to little sleepaway weekends.  I wish I had gone to camp.
Well, now you’re here!
That’s why I was so excited to start working here; I feel like I missed out on it as a kid.
If you could eat one food for the entirety of the camp season, what would it be?
I really like the berry cobbler Mary makes.  It’s good stuff.  I also like pasta in any form.
If you were an animal, what animal would you be? Why? I really like snow leopards, so I’d be a snow leopard, because…they really like the snow?  They like to be outside and they’re really cute animals…Snow is my favorite.
Why did you choose to work at a summer camp?
I’m very passionate about working with children, allowing them to experience nature, learn new skills, and learn about themselves.  I also wanted to have that camp experience I didn’t get as a kid!
What are you most excited to bring to camp?
Passion for the outdoors and a desire to make a difference.