Featured Staff: Dots – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound
May SMotM: Dots!
What’s your name? Dots
Where are you from? Bellevue, Washington
What’s your job at Camp Sealth this summer? Intern 2
What do you do when you’re not at camp? In the fall and winter quarter I was attending Highline Community College. I was in the Achieve program.
I go horse back riding every Wednesday from 4:15- until 5:15; the horse that I ride is amazing.
Did you go to camp as a kid? Did you like it?  Yes I went to Camp Sealth as kid. I really did enjoy it was amazing.
What’s your favorite camp food? Waffles on the last morning, grasshopper brownies, pastas.
If you could be cabinmates with any person, living or dead, who would it be?If I could be any cabinmates with any person it would have to be all my friends that I have met recently and become good friends with.
If you were an animal, what animal would you be? Why?  I would be a horse because horses have so much to give and talent, or I be a Goldendoodle Dog because those dogs are the best and great companions and I have one of my own.
Tell us a camp story. I would have to say last summer at Intern training I really enjoyed how all the Interns really connected and become a family.
What does camp mean to you? Camp does so much for people: it makes them who they are, and makes them shine, and you can be yourself without feeling like you’re being judged or not liked by others.  Camp has so many gifts and talents and so much fun to offer.  Camp helped me not to be shy and helped me to be confident and become energetic and I let it show.