Session 7 overnights! – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Though there are many perks to living on an island, there’s one thing we could do without: Burn Ban. It came late this summer, due to the particularly rainy weather we’ve had, but nevertheless Burn Ban has arrived. Even though we can no longer start fires at many of the campsites, campers have been making do marvelously. Some cabins cook their meals in main camp before hiking up the hill after dinner to sleep under the stars. Other cabins use propane stoves or have a simple meal like bagels and cream cheese. Still others prefer to go the gourmet way, cooking dishes as complex as lasagna at a fire circle in camp. Above, several Blueberry Hill campers enjoy their delicious meal, cooked by themselves with the help of their counselors, on their overnight campout. Sounds fun to me!