Meet Star, a returning summer staff member from Mexico.

This Summer was Star’s second summer at Sealth, where she was a Wrangler counselor.

Camp is a transformational experience, for both campers and staff alike –  hear firsthand Star’s thoughts on her experience at Sealth so far and what keeps bringing her back.

What were your highlights of the summer?

My highlights of this summer were when I saw some campers that I had last year and they recognized me and they were so excited. I also made a lot of friends with the staff members and saw again my friends from last year. I got to meet international staff this year that were really, really awesome and helped me to know a lot about another’s cultures.

How would you describe camp to someone who has never been?

I will describe it as one of the best experiences that I ever have because Camp teach me a lot of new things and a lot of responsibility that I can use in my normal life. I will describe Camp as my home, because I feel safe and love. I don’t have to pretend to be someone else to feel good.

What impact does camp have on you as a staff member?

The impact that Camp has on me as international staff member was the challenge of work somewhere that I cannot speak my own language, and the responsibility of taking care of the little kids. All of this teach me that I can do anything that I want and it’s OK to be afraid of new challenges but the important part it’s to believe that we can do it.

What impact did you see camp have on campers?

I think the impact that Camp have on campers is to make them believe in themselves because of course it’s a challenge to be away from home. For some of them it’s the first time that they are away from home so at camp they learn that they can make friends in one week, they can do a lot of fun activities and know that they are OK away from home.

What would you say to someone who was thinking about working at camp?

I will tell them that they are not going to regret it because it’s an amazing place to be and to work, that you learn so much, that the people there are always so sweet and always want to help you if you need it. I will tell them that at least for me, starting to work at camp was one of the best decisions that I could ever make.

Thank you for everything, Camp Sealth ❤️



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