Sand Lance Training – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound
Today at Camp Sealth, our friends at the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife came down teach our staff about Sand Lances, a type of fish native to the Puget Sound. We learned about how to protect and preserve this fascinating species. They love to spawn on our beaches due to the coarse sand environment. Interestingly enough, they… are one of the only fish that spawn in the winter! We are careful to keep off the beach during the off-season to protect these fish from danger.

Pictured from left to right: Camp Director Rick Taylor, Outdoor Education Program Manager Martin Bremer, Outdoor Education Program Assistant Andy Oh, Facility Manager Steve Lomax, Facility Assistant Eric Miller, and our coach Dayv from Washington Fish & Wildlife. Not pictured is Camp Fire Puget Sound CEO Bridgett Chandler, who took the photo. Thanks to everyone for a great training!

Dayv Lowry, Ph.D., is a jack of many trades. His official title is Marine Ecologist – Forage Fish Scientist of the Habitat Program, Science Division, of the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife. We were happy to have him join us at camp.