I’ve been leafing through lots of old letters lately, and I’ve been struck by how many of our founding director Ruth Brown’s musings from nearly a century ago still resonate powerfully today.

In one letter, Ruth fondly writes about “finding friendships, an awareness of beauty and a keen zest for work” as “some of the treasures we’ve found on the Sealth trail.” The Law of Camp Fire as articulated in the 1920s rings as true today as it did back then: seek beauty, give service, pursue knowledge, be trustworthy, hold on to health, glorify work and be happy.

As we look back on Camp Sealth’s first century and gear up for the next, we feel tremendous gratitude for the support you and so many others have given us all these years. Whether you send your children to Camp Sealth, or give to camperships for low-income youth, lead a Camp Fire group or have teens honing their leadership skills with us … we could not offer such a wide array of positive, inclusive and confidence-building experiences to young people without your support.

Rick Taylor Headshot
Rick Taylor, Executive Director, Camp Fire of Central Puget Sound

Thank you for being a part of Camp Fire’s history … and future!




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