Central Puget Sound Council featured Porter Jaureguy’s story for its year-end appeal.  In case you missed it, here is his story: 

Dear Friends:  

“Mom, will Chloe be at Camp Fire again this year? I can’t wait to see her!”

To you, this may sound like a typical question an enthusiastic camper might ask but for us to hear this from our son Porter was absolutely life-changing.  Let me share with you our story.

Our oldest son Porter is 12 years old and has experienced many challenges in his short life. He is on the autism spectrum, has physical and motor issues and struggles academically.  Like many autistic children, Porter also has a really hard time connecting socially with others, especially his peers.

Five years ago, our family attended Camp Fire’s Special Family Weekend for the first time and our lives were forever changed. The amazing programming and staff helped Porter discover his many abilities, rather than focusing on his disabilities, including his passion for the outdoors through tide-pooling, fishing and hiking. At Camp, he has developed many deep friendships including with Chloe. Porter is now active, busy, happy and more independently operating in many other facets of his life and we know that this is in huge part due to his time spent at Camp Fire.  

Your help is needed today to ensure that all children can continue to receive high-quality programming so they can find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.  Please consider giving generously this year by clicking here – children like our son Porter are relying on you. Thank you!

Wo-He-Lo (Work, Health, Love)                                  

Raquel Karls & Tim Jaureguy

Proud Parents & Camp Fire Alumni