Ready to Ride! – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

The sun still shines as summer transitions to fall and our horse workshop participants couldn’t be happier. This Sunday brought the first horse workshop of the fall 2012 season and we had a blast! 5 girls joined us for a day of riding, learning, sun and fun!

On Saturdays and Sundays in September and October, Camp Sealth is once again offering the full-day workshops to those kids either wanting their first taste of being around horses or those beginner and intermediate riders looking to progress their skills with a schedule that works for them. The cost is $75 for the day of care and horse time, and includes transportation to and from the ferry.

A typical horse workshop day runs from about 9:45 to 4:15. This Sunday our five girls groomed and saddled up then spent their morning in a two hour riding lesson, progressing from the basics of stopping, starting, and steering, to learning to trot and beginning control at a trot. Following a break for lunch, then it was time for a lesson in what it takes to train and desensitize a horse. Each of the girls worked with one of the horses, learning about the need for trust in a relationship at horses as they guided it over a tarp and exposed it to new and ‘scary’ objects, such as a hula hoop. The day ended with a grooming competition and tail braiding, along with doing barn chores and feeding their new four-legged friends.

If interested in attending or learning more about the workshops, the Junior Riding Staff program, opportunities for group riding, and more information on our horse program, visit or contact Meaghan Luchau at (206) 463-3174 ext. 44