Program Preview: Paddleboards! – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

This weekend Camp Sealth received a very generous present!

Our friends at Hang Zen donated two paddleboards for use at the waterfront. They may look like surfboards, but don’t expect to catch huge waves in the Sound! In fact, the calm seas are to your advantage. Stand upright on the board and propel yourself forward with the paddle (this can require the balance of a yoga master).

Martin, our Outdoor Education Program Coordinator, took one of the paddleboards out for a test run today. Fortunately, the wind let up for a while and prevented him from taking a bath in the Sound. As long as he keeps practicing his balance, Martin should be a paddleboard pro by the time summer rolls around.

We’re grateful to receive this gift from Hang Zen. We’re also looking forward to seeing campers’ expressions when trying out a paddleboard for the first time! This new kind of boat may take some getting used to, even for seasoned campers, but we expect campers to be eager to try out the paddleboards. Drop by this summer, and you might spot some Kiwanis campers paddling out to sea!