At this year’s C.A.R.E Dinner on Wednesday, May 22, we will be presenting three extraordinary young women with the Wohelo Award – Camp Fire’s highest achievement. There are many high school students who participate in Camp Fire, but few who fulfill the requirements to earn a Wohelo Award.

TracyLee Clairmont is one of this year’s Wohelo Award recipients. Through her 13 years in Camp Fire, TracyLee found her spark volunteering with younger kids. Camp Fire has also been a common bond for her friends, and even though many of them have moved to different areas they always come together for their group meetings.

Each Wohelo Award recipient must complete three advocacies that consist of four components: Lead, Teach, Serve, and Speak Out. One of TracyLee’s advocacies was to expand opportunities for people to enjoy the outdoors. For two summers, she led campers as a counselor at three Day Camps. She led campers in cooking over an open fire, and taught them how to set up a tarp shelter between trees. At Outdoor Skills Day she facilitated workshops to teach kids how to safely make and extinguish a fire, and use a box oven. These are two of many examples of how TracyLee helped younger Camp Fire kids develop skills to be safe and feel confident in the outdoors.

Through her work to earn her Wohelo Award, TracyLee has given so much back to Camp Fire, especially to the younger kids she has worked with. All of us at Camp Fire congratulate TracyLee! If you would like to join us at the C.A.R.E. Dinner, click here for event details.

We will be posting profiles of our other Wohelo Award recipients in the coming weeks, so check back soon.