Our community needs Camp Fire – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Rick Taylor HeadshotAnd Camp Fire needs you.

Dear friends and supporters,

Over the past century, generations of Camp Fire girls and boys have grown into caring mothers and fathers, successful business people, technological innovators, insightful policy-makers and inspiring civic leaders. As Camp Fire helped to shape them into the well-rounded adults they became, so have they shaped our community, our state, our nation and our world.

Today, at a time when children’s health and safety are being attacked on multiple fronts, as the nation and world face devastating ecological disasters and environmental threats, when many people still struggle to embrace each other’s differences, when service-to-self too often seems to trump service-to-society… now more than ever, our community needs Camp Fire.

And Camp Fire needs you.

Your support enables us to give children the experiences they need today to become the resilient, healthy, compassionate leaders we need tomorrow. Your gifts help ensure that the future we envision for our children can be realized.

We are grateful for your support and hope you’ll enjoy our stories from the first issue of The Torch, illustrating the incredible impact of your generosity.

Rick Taylor

Executive Director