July 1st was an exciting day! It marked the first day of summer camp at Camp Sealth. To start the fun and help with the transition, counselors welcomed campers onto “Da Boata” with camp songs, a limbo contest, and cheers, a tradition that Camp Sealth does to get campers involved and be active right away. It’s just a perfect way to break the ice and get kids acclimated. For the returning campers, it was like they never left, pumping up other kids to join in on the fun. Before arriving to camp on the “Da Boata”, campers had the chance to reconnect with their old friends, as well as establish new friendships along the way. After the two-hour boat ride to camp, campers were once again greeted by more cheering counselors, which made the day even more exciting and comforting. All in all, it was great day!

At camp this summer we look forward to helping kids learn new skills, try new things, connect, and build happy memories. To get more news updates about what’s going on at camp this summer, visit