Camp Sealth Open House 6.29.13

It was a great day! On June 29th Camp Sealth held its last Open House of the year. It was a huge success bringing in new families who were interested in touring the beautiful facility and learning about what makes camp so amazing. It was also a great joy to see faces from previous years! Youngsters enjoyed outdoor activities, including a hike to Uncle Wigglebottom’s Cabin, the marine touch tanks that were filled with tiny sea creatures, boating, archery, and much more.  Plenty of snacks and drinks were at hand for everyone to enjoy throughout the day.  Many of the counselors who gave the tours were once campers themselves, which gave a little more meaning to the Open House.  During the tours, counselors shared their personal camp stories as they guided parents and kids around camp. Counselors provided parents with an overview of Camp Sealth distinctive features and history, as well as an overview programs for this summer.

Despite of the hot weather, families were able to enjoy a fun-filled-day with counselors and staff!