New programs broaden leadership horizons for teens – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Teens on BoataGifts from generous people like you are enabling us to expand our successful teen leadership programs for teens this fall!

In October, our Teen Leadership Summit kicked off the fall with a day filled with workshops to help prepare teens for the school-year ahead. Topics included leadership styles, strategies for effective communication and conflict resolution, and mapping out goals and intentions for the year ahead.

Throughout the year, our Teen Adventure Treks invite teens to get active and try something new while our Teen Service Days have teens hitting the road on their school holidays to give back. Our Teens Take Flight to Peru in August of 2016! This fully immersive cultural experience includes teens staying with a local family, completing a service project and exploring a brand new ecosystem.

Thanks to the support of generous donors, these new programs will expand upon Camp Fire’s longstanding tradition of building teen leaders. By expanding our reach, we will be able to not only serve more teens but also deepen our interactions with our current teen participants thus setting them up for success in school, work and life.

“My hope is that in addition to empowering our teens to develop and strengthen their leadership skills, these programs will also teach them the incredible impact they each can have on their community.”

Rebecca Bobko, Teen Programs Manager

Registration is open now for our Teen Service Day this November 11 and for our yearly Teen Leadership Retreat in January at Camp Sealth. Join us the fun!

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