New Home for the Totem Pole! – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

After 5 years of waiting, the Camp Sealth totem pole has finally found it’s new home – on the front of WoHeLo! The totem pole was removed from its previous location in front of the dining hall when Rounds was under construction in 2005. Since then, it has lived in the Orchard, until a new home could be found.
The totem pole is no longer structurally sound enough to stand upright on it’s own, so it needed a place where it could be supported by a building. The 40-foot tall pole is so heavy that it takes at least 10 strong adults to move it even a few feet. With the help of a construction company who had equipment here to replace electrical poles, we were able to move it to this new location in the front of WoHeLo, where everyone who comes into camp will be able to see it.