Renovation on the Milky Way Freddy is certainly long overdue, but within the next month or so, it will look like new! These toilets are patiently waiting outside in the cold for the interior to be completed, then they will be reinstalled. Our own maintenance staff, Steve and Chad, have done most of the work themselves, with a little assistance from a subcontractor to re-do the shower floors, and some demo work from our NCCC crew, Bluno. Here’s a look at the inside:

Here’s what’s been done so far: Total demolition of the interior (except the sinks and counter), structural work on one of the walls, the walls have been repainted, new plumbing for the toilets, and new floors in the showers. Still to do: new walls and paint in the showers, new partitions for the toilet stalls, and reinstall the toilets. NCCC will be helping complete this project in the next two weeks. We hope to have renovation completed by December 30.

NCCC has also done a lot of work on the trail system, including Blueberry Trail and YVC. The pictures above are on two sections of YVC. The first pic is from the uppermost switchback, where much of the trail had become eroded was a bit sketchy. New steps were added and the bank reinforced. The other picture is just above the Hilltop cabins, where a giant madrona tree had come down over the trail – this section has been reinforced, and a simple rope handrail built.

Next week, we’ll have pictures and info about more cool projects going on around camp: new canoe racks, all the sections of dock removed and cleaned, and new screens on the BBH cabins!