It appears that the winter weather that has plagued the rest of the country for the past few weeks has arrived at Camp Sealth! Above is a view of main camp covered in last night’s snow. More is falling as we speak!

The road down into camp is slick but drivable. Our Americorps team left this morning, and other camp vehicles have been driving in and out without problems. This is good news, since we have Adult Weekend coming up tomorrow.

The Puget Sound looks gray and cold in this weather … the campers who complain about the cold water temperature in mid-summer might want to retract those statements now!

Uncle Wig’s mailbox is frozen … he won’t be getting messages any time soon.

And there won’t be any Council Fires in Green Circle for the time being! The weather outside may be frightful, but we’re staying cozy here at camp. If you live in the Seattle area, enjoy the snow today!