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Help the Camp Sealth ACD Team Raise Campership Funds!

The image that will be on the back of the t-shirt designed by ACD, Chloe!

Our incredible ACD (Assistant Camp Directors) team has worked together to create an amazing t-shirt fundraising campaign through Bonfire Fund to raise money for kids in need! These limited edition t-shirts will be available for purchase between April 4th – 24th!

All proceeds from the sale will directly go into our Campership Fund, which is used to provide financial assistance to families who cannot afford Camp Fire programs. Our ACDs believe that all kids, regardless of their financial situation, deserve to experience the magic of Camp Sealth!

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Megan A.K.A Stitch

I can’t wait to spend my first summer at Camp Sealth! I currently work as the year-round Assistant Camp Director helping with Outdoor Education, retreats, and summer camp! Although this is my first year at Camp Sealth, I’ve spent 12 years at YMCA camps in Michigan. At those camps I worked up from a camper to a CIT, then a counselor to a lake director.

I recently just moved to the Pacific Northwest and am loving every bit of it. I love that summer camp gives campers the opportunity to discover themselves in a welcoming and supportive environment. Camp has been such a special part of my life and I absolutely love when I see the spark in children’s eyes when something magical occurs. My favorite part about camp has always been water activities. I don’t think I could choose between boating, swimming, or just chilling in my inflatable doughnut.

  • Favorite Camp Food: Cilantro lime chicken salad!
  • Favorite Camp Song: Boom Chicka Boom
  • Favorite Activity: Any waterfront activity!
  • Favorite Game: Capture the Flag
  • Favorite Trail: It isn’t a trail, but I love to take a long walk down the beach during low tide.
  • Favorite Animal Found at Camp: Leather Sea Star

I hope you’ll help us raise money for our Campership fund by purchasing a limited edition t-shirt!

Chloe A.K.A Yeti

I’m stoked to return to Sealth for a third year. I first came to camp as the Riding Coordinator, then a second summer as the Adventure Coordinator, and have now joined the ACD team. I’m extremely excited to help formulate and implement new ideas, and make this summer the best it can possibly be! I love helping kids and staff add new skills to their toolboxes. I’ve worked at various camps in CA, OR, and WA, but Sealth is the place to be with its inclusive staffing environment and diverse natural wonders. I’m ready to hit the ground running this summer with the rest of the team!

  • Favorite Camp Food: Squirrel…on a stick
  • Favorite Camp Song: Yawning in the Morning
  • Favorite Activity: Horseback Riding
  • Favorite Game: Gaga Ball
  • Favorite Trail: The new South Rim Trail
  • Favorite Animal Found at Camp: Moon Snail (or the Bonanza Rats)

I hope you’ll help us raise money for our Campership fund by purchasing a limited edition t-shirt!

Anna A.K.A Shazam

Hello party people! I’m thrilled to be spending my 14th summer at Camp Sealth! From camper, to camp staff, and now ACD, Camp Sealth has been my stomping grounds for over half my life. I’ve been out at camp since February and this will be my first summer as an ACD. Though I loved being the office manager for the past two summers, I’m excited to move upward and take on a new role and new challenges! I love working at Camp Sealth because of its caring community and the inclusive environment that it provides for campers and staff alike. Me and the rest of the team are so ready to meet you all this summer 🙂

  • Favorite Camp Food: Sack Lunch Cart / Cookie Bar
  • Favorite Camp Song: Oyster Stew
  • Favorite Activity: Aqua Luca
  • Favorite Game: Berserker Jiggy
  • Favorite Trail: Heaven
  • Favorite Animal Found at Camp: River Otter

I hope you’ll help us raise money for our Campership fund by purchasing a limited edition t-shirt!

Josh A.K.A Hektor

I’m excited to spend my 17th summer at Sealth! I started as a wee little milky way camper, and now have worked my way up to being an ACD! In that time I’ve been a KA/Rover, a counselor, a program specialist, a volunteer, and the past two years I have spent the summer as a program specialist coordinator. I love camp because it gives kids, teens, and even our staff a place to be themselves and explore what that really means. I think it is amazing that you only need one week to have a transformative experience! I am easily recognized by my large sweatshirts and incredible jawline.

  • Favorite Camp Food: Macaroni and Corndogs
  • Favorite Camp Song: On The Loose
  • Favorite Activity: Challenge
  • Favorite Game: Hail to the Chicken
  • Favorite Trail: It’s a secret.
  • Favorite Animal Found at Camp: Octopus!

I hope you’ll help us raise money for our Campership fund by purchasing a limited edition t-shirt!

Maddy A.K.A Sneakers

This will be my 17th summer at Camp Sealth and I am very happy to be back for my second year as an ACD. I was a camper at Sealth, then went through the Teen Leadership program, spent several years working up at the barn, and also worked at a couple of other camps along the way. Camp has always been a very special place for me, and I’m finally living my childhood dream of getting to spend winters here as well as summers (it’s more fun in the summer). I love spending my summer working with all of our awesome campers and staff, and I’m counting down the days until Session 1!

  • Favorite Camp Food: Vegetarian chicken nuggets
  • Favorite Camp Song: I’m a Long John
  • Favorite Activity: Horseback riding
  • Favorite Game: Scream and run
  • Favorite Trail: Wetlands Loop
  • Favorite Animal Found at Camp: Alice the horse!

I hope you’ll help us raise money for our Campership fund by purchasing a limited edition t-shirt!

Camp Director, Carrie, with her incredible ACD team!

Camp Director – Carrie Kishline A.K.A Carebear

I’ve been involved with Camp Sealth since I first attended weekend events with my Camp Fire group in 1989, and starting attending summer camp in 1991 – that means I’ve been involved for nearly 30 years! I was a camper for 6 years, worked seasonally as a counselor and unit leader for several summers, and joined the full-time staff in 2004.

Camp has been an integral part of my life since childhood, and I’m thrilled to be able to serve the camp community as the Summer Camp Director. My three-year-old son Teddy now gets to be part of the camp activities, and it’s so exciting to watch him grow up in such a dynamic and supportive community.

  • Favorite Camp Food: Chicken Club Wraps
  • Favorite Camp Song: The Circle Game
  • Favorite Activity: Archery
  • Favorite Game: Trivia
  • Favorite Trail: South Rim Trail to Kyabunga
  • Favorite Animal Found at Camp: Nudibranchs (Sea Slugs)

I hope you’ll help us raise money for our Campership fund by purchasing a limited edition t-shirt!