Teens are Taking Over Camp Sealth!

Teen Takeover, May 13th-14th

We are incredibly excited to introduce our Teen Takeover planning team who met at Camp Sealth last year when they were working as LEADs. They decided to plan the Takeover because they had all participated in the past, and they wanted the chance to get involved, utilize their skills and collaborate together! They are so excited to build on all the fun and excitement from last year’s event!

Activities this year will inspired by popular TV shows such as Master Chef, America’s Got Talent, Project Runway, Jeopardy and more! Upon arrival teens will break out into teams and work together to create their team name and team flags, which they will represent during team building activities!

Read what the team has to say about the event, below, then register for a weekend of fun!

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Why Should Other Teens Attend?

  • Annika: “Other teens should join because this event is a fun and exciting way to meet each other!”
  • Julia: ” Teens should register for the Teen Takeover because it’s a great opportunity to spend time at camp and have fun doing crazy activities!”
  • Will: “It’s a chill weekend at camp where you get to hang out with people of a similar age.”
  • Mallica: “Teen Takeover is a great opportunity for teens to participate in an off season event with people their own age. The activities can also be geared towards this age group for maximum fun and potential!”
  • Hunter: “It’s a very fun experience and great to be back at camp for the weekend.”
  • Santana: “Other teens should join Teen Takeover because it gives them the opportunity to make new friends, spend time in nature, and kickback and unwind in the wonderful place that is camp.”

Favorite Part of Teen Takeover:

  • Annika: “My favorite part of Teen Takeover is getting to work in a team setting and competing in fun activities together!”
  • Julia: ” The best part of Teen Takeover is getting to spend time with friends and meeting people while taking on the fun and weird challenges.”
  • Will: “I like hanging out with friends.”
  • Hunter: “Spending time with friends.”

Favorite Teen Takeover Memory:

  • Annika: “My favorite memory was seeing a whale unexpectedly on one of our group walks down to the waterfront.”
  • Julia: “My favorite memory was making our team flag.!”
  • Will: “I loved customizing my team flag.”
  • Santana: “It was when me and my friend, Channel, were walking to the waterfront and she says “there’s a whale!” and I respond with “come on, Channel, there’s no whale, stop it, there WAS a whale.”

sealth waterfrontJoin in on the Fun!

Teen Takeover is a perfect way for middle schoolers and high schoolers to come out to camp and enjoy activities planned for teens, by teens. Teens who are in grades 6-10 can attend as participants and we invite our older teens in grades 11 or up to come volunteer for the weekend!

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