Meet the Staff – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Meet the Camp Sealth Staff:

These are the nine of us (plus one) who are privileged to work at Camp Sealth all year long. Most of us live on site and are pretty fortunate to call it “home” as well as work. This picture is from Halloween 2009, in downtown Vashon. Here’s a little more about each of us:
Rick Taylor – Director of Camping
Rick is a recent convert to Camp Sealth and Camp Fire USA. He has a long career in camping across the country, and started as the director at Sealth in February 2008. Camp Name: “Treebeard”.
Steve Lomax – Facilities Manager
Steve joined the year-round crew in December 2007 after a career with an ambulance company in Seattle. Camp Name: “Egon”


Chad Lawson – Onsite Facilities Manager
Chad has worked at Camp Sealth since 2005. Hobbies include boating, scuba diving, snowboarding, golf, woodworking, and watching sports – especially Nebraska Huskers football. Camp Name: “Pipeline”

Carrie Kishline – Senior Program Manager

Carrie is a Camp Sealth lifer – she’s been a camper and staff here since 1990, and joined the year-round staff in 2004. Carrie enjoys knitting, crafts, cooking and logic puzzles, and has degrees in math and religion from PLU. Camp Name: “Carebear”

Laura Force – Assistant Camp Director

Laura recently joined the Camp Sealth staff in January 2009 after several years of working at Girl Scout camps in Washington, Alaska and Virginia. Her hobbies include making popcorn, watching movies, reading and crochet. Camp Name: “PopCorn”


Mary Roden – Food Service Manager
Mary has been a part of the Camp Sealth family for 14 years, although she has been on the year-round staff for just three years. Hobbies include fly fishing, camping, gardening and studying ancient culture & architecture. She brings many years of experience in the food service industry. Camp Name: “Ratatouille”


Martin Bremer – Outdoor Education Program Manager
Martin joined the year-round staff in the fall of 2008. He has studied education and physics, and enjoys sailing, kayaking and scuba diving. Camp Name: “Papa Steve”


Nick Cirignano – Office Manager/Group Host and Rental Manager
Nick has worked for Camp Sealth full time since February 2008, wearing a variety of hats around camp – if you need to know how to do something at camp, ask Nick. In January, Nick will take over as the Group Host and Rental Manager. One of Nick’s main hobbies: “Finding out random things about Alan Thicke.” Camp Name: “Caesar Augustus Fresh III”

Bret Olson – Group Host and Rental Manager
Bret has been on the year-round staff since the fall of 2006, also in a variety of positions. His hobbies include listening to music, playing music, reading and throwing things at Martin. Bret will leaving Sealth in December for a new job at Holden Village. His favorite thing about working at Sealth is “seeing the gleam in a child’s eye when they encounter something in nature for the first time.” Camp Name: “Bread”