Meet Our Outdoor Education Staff! – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

We’re excited to kick off our 2016 season of Outdoor Education at Camp Sealth this week during national #EEWeek! Meet our crew of new and returning faces to the Camp Sealth team of passionate educators ready to share their knowledge and love of the outdoors with all of our students this season. We welcome you all to Camp Sealth and are mighty glad you’re here!

Environmental Education Staff


Loyola University, Chicago – B.A History & Education

Hometown: Springfield, Missouri

Favorite Plant: Venus Fly Traps

Favorite Animal: Hippos, especially pygmy hippos.

What Excites you most about your job? Working outside and having fun while learning!

Three words that describe Bridget: Creative, Talkative, and Funny

Environmental Education Staff


University of Washington – B.S. General Biology

Hometown: Olympia, WA

Favorite Plant: Magnolia

Favorite Animal: Harbor Seal

What Excites you most about your job? Getting to work in the great outdoors and get kids excited about science.

Three words that describe Rachel: Crafty, Independent, and Friendly

Environmental Education Staff Jorrie

Jorrie “Shivver”

Hometown:  Kenai, Alaska

Favorite Plant: Strangle Fig Tree

Favorite Animal: Elephant

What excites you most about your job? When others are intrigued about the subject I’m teaching.

Three words that describe Jorrie: Practical, Pondering, and Determined

Environmental Education Staff


University of Washington – Tacoma – B.S. Environmental Science

Hometown: O’Fallon, Illinois

Favorite Plant: Vine Maple or Redoiser Dogwood

Favorite Animal: Great Grey Owl

What excites you most about your job? Getting kids excited about the outdoors and in touch with nature.

Three words that describe Mary: Adventurous, Caring, and Open-minded

Environmental Education Staff


University of Washington – Bothell – B.S. Environmental Science

Hometown: Mill Creek, WA

Favorite Plant: Cork Oak

Favorite Animal: Turtle

What excites you most about your job? Getting to spend time in nature and sharing the excitement and interest with kids.

Three words that describe Linda: Observant, Curious, and Quirky

Featured Staff Kelsey

Kelsey “Shamrock”

Oregon State University – B.S. Animal Science, minor in leadership

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Favorite Plant: Succulent

Favorite Animal: Octopus

What excites you most about your job? Being in nature, staying active and tending to the garden.

Three words that describe Kelsey: Hilarious, Caring, and Responsible

Camp Fire Staff Meaghan


Oregon State University – B.S. Recreation Resource Mgmt, minor in Natural Resources

Hometown: Des Moines, WA

Favorite Plant: Noble Fir

Favorite Animal: Humpback Whale

What excites you most about your job? Providing engaging outdoor experiences and the variety!

Three words that describe Meaghan: Optimistic, Imaginative, and Good Listener