Meet Mulch, Our Site Director at our NEW West Seattle Day Camp! – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Expanding our Reach

We are incredibly excited to be expanding our service area this summer and serving more youth in West Seattle! Westcrest Park is a crown jewel and boasts a gorgeous green space with picnic tables, a playground, & viewing platform overlooking the skyline. West Seattle native and Camp Fire team member, Mulch, will be at the helm!

Before joining Camp Fire, Mulch worked for the YMCA as an After-School Program Counselor and Summer Camp Staff.

“In my opinion, Camp Fire really stands out from the other youth organizations when it comes to giving kids the chance to grow at their own pace and figure out what they’re passionate about.”

Mulch joined the Camp Fire team in 2022 when they were “The Science Guy,” teaching numerous STEM projects at Carkeek Park Day Camp.

“Getting kids passionate about science through things they already find interesting was incredibly rewarding!”

Mulch has since transitioned to a full-time member of the Camp Fire team focusing primarily on supporting our Group Program and Day Camps.

“Creating programming that incorporates our camp counselor’s interests and strengths, providing training and mentorship, and making sure camp runs well and gives our kids the best experience possible is a very fast-paced and rewarding job.”

Connecting Kids to the Outdoors

“I’m so excited to be directing the NEW Westcrest Park Day Camp this year! I grew up in West Seattle going to that park and it’s a beautiful location with plenty of access to hiking trails. I think it will be a great spot to connect kids with nature, give teenagers meaningful leadership experiences, and lead some fun and educational camp projects that kids love.”

Also on tap for this summer at Westcrest Day Camp: Scavenger hunts, tie-dye, STEM projects, camp songs, and so much more!

We will also be welcoming some special guests to camp including Dana Aoyama (Camp Name: Meeko) and her snake friends!

In this optional activity, Meeko teaches about snakes and addresses the fears some people may have about them. Campers will have the opportunity to both interact with the snakes and learn about their senses and behaviors. Don’t worry – the snakes Meeko brings to camp are used to handling, are non-venomous, and don’t bite.

Campers will learn about how to handle the snakes safely as they gain information on how snakes smell with their tongues, sense vibration and heat, and thermoregulate. Meeko will also go over snake behaviors in the wild and genetics!

Westcrest Park Day is running from July 29th – August 2nd. Financial assistance is still available!