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48 hour film project - take 2

Just the other day someone reached out to the Camp Fire office with an unusual request. She is going to be producing a film for the 48 Hour Film Festival, which starts on July 12 promptly at 6 p.m. Teams compete nationwide under the same restrictions and must incorporate the same elements (a prop, a line of dialogue and a character) into their films.

Her team’s concept is to make a film that is either based on Battleship or Hunger Games with Camp Fire, Girl Scouts, and Brownies. While they cannot write the script until they have been given their elements and genre, they are allowed to get their actors, location, and props in place so they can hit the ground running on July 12. Their intention is to make a film that would be appropriate for a teenage audience.

They are hoping to borrow some Camp Fire uniform parts, but the ones we have in the store are not decorated. Do you have any vests or overlays that you’d be willing to lend them for the film? Everything would be returned to you, and you would receive special thanks in the film credits. They know the vests are going to be small, but they think some of the adults might be small enough to wear them.

How cool would it be to have Camp Fire featured in a locally-made film short?!?! You can help make their concept a reality.

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Here is a link to a sample of her work:

Festival of Shorts Trailer