Calling All Health Care Professionals! – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound
Linda (left) and Lyne aka the Nighties

The Nighties Need Your Help!

Linda and Lyne have a combined total of 85 years worth of experience in the health care industry! –  These generous ladies continue to come back to Camp Sealth every summer and volunteer their time as a part of our Health Care Team. With record enrollment this year, these two could really use some extra help from fellow health care professionals. Both Linda and Lyne would love for you to join them this summer, and they wanted to share some of their favorite things about volunteering at Camp Sealth with you!

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Linda: Nighty 1

“I’ve worked in health care for 40 years as a nurse in many different areas such as geriatrics, oncology, post surgical care and dermatology. I’ve worked with many different types of people including migrant farm workers, the Young Adult Conservation Corps, and I’ve been working at Camp Sealth since 1994!

I think my favorite part about working in health care is getting to meet so many incredible people. Your patients, families, other colleagues, physicians, and all of the people who help create the big picture.

I enjoy the camaraderie with all the many different types of people I  work with, younger and older. We give 110% of each day to children, and that’s what summer camp is all about! The long days and all of the hard work pays off when you see children so happy. That’s what makes me come back year after year, to watch these kids grow from campers to staff members is wonderful.

I have many favorite memories of camp, and it’s very difficult to remember just one. I have always loved that I can be creative and do crazy things along with the serious side of the job I have here. Mowing the grass in the orchard with a headlamp at night, doing spontaneous skits at meal times, honoring Mooselips for his 37 years of being apart of Camp Sealth, as well as kids and staff members remembering me.

23 years ago, I didn’t know much about being a camp nurse. I knew from being a camper as a child that it was a great place to be in the summer, and I knew that I was offered a challenge and it felt right. It is an amazing place to do nursing, become creative and meet incredible people from all around the world.

It is truly a gift and your life will be enriched beyond measure!”

Lyne: Nighty 2

“45 years, that sounds so long! I’ve done office nursing, taught childbirth classes, labor/delivery, school nursing and of course camp nursing.

My favorite part about working in health care is helping people. Either helping them learn about themselves, learn how to take better care of themselves, making them feel better through direct nursing care or helping them stay healthy.

This will be my 8th summer at Camp Sealth. After going to camp for 2 summers during junior high school, I always wanted to come back to camp as a nurse. I knew I wanted to become a nurse since age 6! Once I became a school nurse, I had free summers and I was able to go to the “camp of my dreams.” I was a Camp Fire girl myself, from Bluebirds to Horizon. I have also enjoyed being a Day Camp nurse for many summers.

I have many favorite things about working at camp! I love working with the year round staff and creating bonds with counselors. Seeing them return summer after summer is very precious to me. I also enjoy watching campers experience the outdoors, having a kind word and smile for each kid I see, and singing camp songs.

Camp Sealth is a magical place for me, on an island surrounded by water, working with some of the greatest people on earth, all while making a difference in a child’s life.

The work is not difficult, long or hard, but it is very rewarding and necessary to keep our kids safe at camp!”

Interested in Volunteering?

Camp Sealth is seeking nurses, doctors, EMTs, and paramedics to provide basic health care for our campers and staff. Health Care Volunteers will live at beautiful Camp Sealth for one week as they work in a small teams to administer medication, provide basic first aid, maintain the health care center, as well as be on-call to respond to medical emergencies.

If you are a health care professional and can volunteer a week of your time this summer, your kids could go to camp for free!

Health Care Volunteers must have a current health care license or certification, as well as pass a background check. If you are not sure whether your license or certification qualifies, we would be more than happy to help you find out!  Bellow are the sessions in which we need your help, dates are limited, so apply early!

Session 2: July 10th – 15th
Session 4: July 29th – 29th
Session 5: July 31st – August 5th
Session 8: August 21st – August 24th

Interested in Becoming a Health Care Volunteer?

Complete an online application on our website, then one of our staff members will contact you!

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Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Carrie Kishline at  (206) 463 – 3174 ext. 35