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ACDs Cheshire & Plaid! at the St. Thomas School fair

As families start planning for summer, those tough camp questions come up.  Is my child ready for camp?  If so, what kind of camp is right for them?  Something far away or close to home?  Overnight or day camp?  Single-gender or co-ed?  A general or a classic camp program?  Anyone who’s tried a Google search of “camps in Washington” knows that all the options can be a little overwhelming, especially for first-time camp parents.

While online resources are great, we highly recommend attending a local camp fair.  Camp fairs are a great opportunity to get answers to the questions that matter to you – face to face.  You can browse at your own pace, compare and contrast similar camps, and talk to professionals who have been in the camping industry in the Northwest for years.  Best of all, many fairs are totally free, and are always child-friendly so kids can be involved in the camp selection process.

Earlier this month two of our Assistant Camp Directors kicked off the annual camp fair season at a ParentMap fair at St. Thomas school in Medina.  We had a blast meeting new campers, hearing stories from Sealth alumni, checking out the amazing selection of summer programs available to Western Washington’s kids, and, of course, snacking on yummy Camp Fire mints with visitors to our booth.  Check out the links below for lists of the fairs that Sealth will be represented at, plus a great article on camp selection from ParentMap magazine.  See you at the fair!

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