Inspiring Youth to Find Their Own Voice – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound
Executive Director, Rick Taylor.

They’ve had enough.

All over the country, youth have led school walkouts and marches; they’re speaking up, demanding to be heard, and showing what a powerful force they can be when they unite for a common cause.

They have started a movement rooted in values that guide everything we do at Camp Fire.

For more than a century, Camp Fire has nurtured young leaders by providing a safe space for them to find the confidence and skills to enact true change.

Whether it’s summer camp or after-school programs, youth leadership retreats or community service projects, Camp Fire encourages young people to find their own voice, to step outside their comfort zones, and to enact change that makes life in their communities better.

This is a pivotal time for tomorrow’s leaders. And your support is pivotal to Camp Fire today.

When you give to Camp Fire, you support the extraordinary breadth and depth of opportunities we provide girls, boys and teens to become our next generation of strong, healthy, compassionate leaders.

Thank you for all you do to support Camp Fire!

Rick Taylor




Executive Director

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