Before and after shot of trail clear of leaves and debris
Leaf clearing the trails makes all the difference!

One of the core values of Camp Fire has always been giving service…

We saw our Camp Fire community come together at the end of April for an opportunity to return to Camp Sealth and give service where it was needed most: preparing the site and facilities to safely welcome folks back this summer!

The individuals, friends, and households that joined us for a rainy Saturday in 2021, brought their infectious joy and sense of stewardship as they tackled projects around camp. Whether it was deep cleaning cabins, brush clearing on Blueberry Hill, or weeding our vegetable garden – each task brought Camp Sealth one step closer to its full glory as we prepare for the return of spring cabin rentals and more importantly, summer camp in July & August!

We are so thankful for our members, staff,  campers, and alumni who strive to exemplify service in everything they do.

Board member Kathy Jones shares more about why she chooses to volunteer:

“I grew up in Camp Fire as a youth member, and it’s an organization that I have supported most of my life. I point to Camp Fire and the experiences that it provided for me as a youth, in developing my leadership skills and a lifetime of service to the community. As an adult, I love to give back to this organization that meant so much to me as a kid. Volunteering allows me to expand my knowledge and share my business skills which helps me be a better employee and all-around contributor to my community. It is very rewarding to see the results of the good work of organizations like Camp Fire.”

Split photo: left side shows woman putting branch in chipper and right side shows man cutting brush away from trail
Board Member Kathy (left) helping with the chipper!

Join Kathy and share your skills by volunteering for Camp Fire!

  • Attend our April 2nd Service Day: Join us for the 2022 Spring Service Day! We have options for outdoor and indoor activities, stay for just the day or come stay overnight. We’re gearing up for the return of our Outdoor Education schools and beginning prep for summer. It’s a great opportunity for new folks or alumni alike to experience camp in a new way and a new season. We hope to see you there!
  • Join as a Board Member: Board members are responsible for council policy, administration, strategic planning, financial stability, and overall support of our programs. Follow the link and contact us to learn more about board openings and how to lead Camp Fire into the future.
  • Volunteer at a Seattle Day Camp: Our Seattle area day camps are run with the help of caring, committed adults! Volunteer one week or the whole summer in a variety of roles. Find the best fit for you. Bonus! Volunteers at day camps can receive discounts on registration and it’s the best way to get your camper off the waiting list.
  • Health Care Staff can help at Camp Sealth!   Volunteers help staff our health care facility for overnight camp at Camp Sealth! Credentialed health care pro’s can help with both the routine and emergency care of our campers and staff, as well as cover the registration of their camper for their week of service. We still have a few open weeks this summer and would love to have YOU join us.
  • Camp Sealth Alumni can be our missing piece  Former camp staff who have completed staff training at Camp Sealth can come back as volunteer superstars! Returning alumni provided an appreciated boost of both energy and know-how to our summer staff and can be plugged into a role for the week(s) that best fits your skills and interests. Follow the link to get the process started if you’re ready to return home to Camp Sealth!
  • Teens can Volunteer too!  Summer leadership opportunities aren’t just for the 18+ set! We offer a variety of teen opportunities both at Camp Sealth and our Seattle area Day Camps. Even better, get involved year-round with Teens in Action groups to give service year-round.

Questions about Volunteering?

Contact Corey, Member Services Manager
(206) 826-8937,