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Mia and the customer who bought her 1,000th box of candy!

With just one week left of our Camp Fire Candy Sale, Mia is reaching milestone after milestone. She just reached 1,000 which means she has earned a week of camp! Mia has asked that we donate her week along to our campership fund to help other kids experience summer camp. She’s now on her way to 2,000 boxes, and hopes to add a second week of camp to the scholarship fund!

We asked Mia  to share with us some of her favorite parts of Camp Fire and selling candy – read on and learn how to support Mia!

What do you love about selling candy?

I love spending time with my dad. We talk a lot, make jokes and make up games to play on who will buy next. I like hearing about former Camp Fire members stories, especially the ones about Camp Sealth. I like setting goals and making plans on how to reach them.

What do you like about being in Camp Fire?

I love the community. I like doing fun activities with my friends. I really love going to Camp Sealth.

What have you learned from selling candy?

Even if 50 people in a row say no to you, keep on asking, #53 just might buy 2 of each. Learning about money and how to handle it.  How to count it back. How to set goals, then having to put in the effort to achieve them. Getting to understand people more. You can’t judge who will buy candy by the way they look.  Everybody will buy Camp Fire Candy and everybody says no to buying Camp Fire Candy.”

Why do you want to send another kid to Camp Sealth?

I love Camp Sealth!!!!!  I really want to be a CIT (Counselor-In-Training) this year and plan on doing that at the summer day camps.  So I want someone else to be able to experience all the great things at camp that might not be able to because their family can’t afford it.

Help Mia Reach Her Goal!

Support Mia by purchasing on the online store and adding a note at checkout to  “get Mia to 2000!” or by going to one of her site sales:

North Mercer Island QFC
7823 SE 28th St, Mercer Island, WA 98040
Wednesday, Feb 15

Ballard Fred Meyer
915 NW 45th St, Seattle, WA 98107
Friday, Feb 17

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