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Fall Service Weekend:

Come join us for a weekend of fun at the Fall Service Weekend, November 18th-19th, and help us get Camp Sealth buckled down for the winter! This is a great opportunity for Camp Fire members and community members alike to get outside and enjoy the outdoors while making a difference. Not only is this weekend open to the public, but it’s free to attend and a great way to bring your family and friends together!

Click the link below to view our weekend overview, including our schedule for each day, as well as lodging and meals for the weekend.

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Fall Service Weekend Projects:

Here’s a look at some of the projects we will be doing around camp! A few of these projects may change based on need and number of volunteers, or if other important projects pop up.

  • A Legendary Leaf Collecting and Removal: Although the trees look gorgeous during this fall season, they sure do make a mess! It would be a HUGE help if volunteers helped us rake and remove the leaves.
  • Ditch Diggin: The ditches along the trails and roads sure did put in a lot of hard work these last few months! We need a group of fun-loving people to help us get them back into pristine condition to be able to deal with the massive amount of rain coming our way this winter!
  • Hay Bale Bonanza: Although our horses may be gone for the season, our work with them is not done yet. We have some remaining hay bales that would love to be spread throughout our horse pastures to nurture the ground and young plants trying to grow there!
  • Wriggly Worm Work: Don’t worry, you won’t have to touch any worms, rather just prepare their home for them! Our worm bin is in need of a little bit of elbow grease to help make ready a clean home for future compost worms. We love vermiculture (worm composting) as an excellent model of environmental stewardship for our campers!
  • Garden Grooming: Do you have a green thumb or love nurturing fruits and vegetables? Then we have the job for you! Our garden is currently in need of a little TLC to get ready for the upcoming winter season.
  • Waterfront Wrap Up: Whether you enjoyed canoeing, swimming, and paddle boarding as a camper or this is your first time at camp and love the water, this is a great project to help give back to our programs! Our paddle boards and canoes need to be nestled away in the boathouse as well as a general wrap up and cleaning to keep our waterfront looking clean!
  • Road Remedy:  A summer filled with lots of car travel and Environmental Education use has caused a pothole problem on the camp roads. We are in need of extra help to replace the gravel and roadway along camp’s most used sections of roads, which will make travel in and out of camp easier for all!

 We Hope You Can Join Us!

Learn more about Service Weekend and register today! Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Nick Schaefer at or (206) 463-3174

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