Harry Potter Theme Week Takes Camp Sealth By Storm – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound
It’s Harry Potter week at Sealth, and magic is in the air!  Campers have been busy making potions and learning spells.  There have been rumors of a troll seen in the Orchard – maybe it has something to do with tomorrow’s Tri-Wizard Tournament!

Our specialty camps are going on some very special journeys this session.  The Kiwanis unit took an overnight canoe trip to a campsite a couple miles north of Sealth, and some Wrangler campers will be riding horses to their overnight sites this evening.
And speaking of overnights, Nocturnal camp 2012 has begun!  You can always identify these brave campers by the sunglasses they wear ’til sundown to protect their night vision.
The session’s more than half over, but with two All-Camp Events, Wail Lunch, and Picnic Dinner still to come, who knows what else is in store for Session 3 at the Sealth School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!